Server Errors

Some server packages and a few online hosting providers have a restricted php environment, or missing extensions/features that sometimes cause MyWebSQL to show internal server error when you try to run it in your browser. If you are having such problems, you can try the following fixes to get MyWebSQL working:

  • Make sure you have the “bcmath” extension installed. It is normally a part of PHP installation but some linux package managers install PHP without this extension.
  • [For versions 3.4 and below only] Edit auth.php file in the config folder and find the line that reads:

    Edit and change the line to:


    Now try accessing the url again to see if the fix works for you.
    If the fix works, it usually means you are missing the “gmp” and/or “openssl” extensions in your php installation. You should try and enable those extensions and set the SECURE_LOGIN flag to true, as it usually protects from plain password submission hacks over the web.