Creating/Editing tables

Starting with version 1.6 and above, MyWebSQL includes a wysiwyg table editor. The table editor is extremely simple to use and acts just like any other desktop database editor tool. To create a new table, open the table editor from the main menu or using the right click menu option for table ‘Create table’. To alter an existing table, use the same right click menu. Alter table option is inside the ‘More operations’ popup, since it is a command that is not used frequently on a database table.

Once the table editor opens, you add/edit/delete any field information in the default tab, including the field data type, primary key and other constraints. If you want to insert a field between two existing fields, simply highlight the field after which you want the new field added, and click the ‘Add field’ button.

Please note that minimum validation is done on the front-end while making sure invalid field information is not submitted to the server. In case invalid information is submitted, table will not be created/altered, and you can review the error messages from the server and fix the problems in the table structure. The table information remains inside the table editor whether the table creation is successful or not. This is useful and saves your time if you want to create two or more tables with slight change in structure. Simply edit the field information and the table name, and resubmit the page to create additional tables.

If you want to start from scratch after creating a table, use the ‘Clear field information’ button. Table information will be completely cleared and you can entered all fields from the beginning in the table editor.

Once you have completed creation/editing of tables, close the table editor dialog to return to the main interface and refresh the page once to reload the updated table information.