Unpacking the archive

Once you have downloaded the zip file package, simply unzip it in any folder inside your webroot. You can rename the folder from ‘mywebsql’ to any other name if you like afterextraction. However, if you are using a Linux server, try using lowercase names to avoid problems with case sensitive file/folder names.

Please remember that if you have modified any of the configuration files in the ‘config’ folder of a previous installation, they will be overwritten by unpacking the archive. You should backup all edited configuration files before unpacking so that you can restore your customized preferences and configuration after installation of a new version.

You are ready to use the application after unpacking the archive. Just point your browser to the url created by the folder, and start using the application. e.g., if you unpacked the archive with the folder name ‘mywebsql’ inside document root, your url will become http://localhost/mywebsql/