Editing records

After a successful query, you can edit the results by double clicking on any data field in the results table. This will start the column edit mode. You can now perform the usual editing operations on the cell, and once done, press enter to complete the changes. If you have more editing to perform, do so as you like. To save all the changes you have made, additional buttons appear on the navigation bar just below the results (above the SQL editors).

Option 1: Press the ‘Update records’ button above the query editor. This will run queries to update all the edited record one by one and the result of the operation will be shown to you in the messages pane once the operation is complete.

Option 2: Press the ‘Generate SQL’ button above the query editor. This will not run any queries, but will onyl generate the SQL script required to make the changes that you just performed in the interface. The generated SQL will be appended to the SQL editor, and you can review and execute it one by one or together by using the ‘Query’ or ‘Query All’ buttons.

Option 3: You can use the checkboxes provided in the second column of results to delete records. To select all records for deletion, select the checkbox on the header column. Clicking the ‘Delete record’ button above the query editor will run queries to delete all your selected records. You can also use the ‘Generate SQL’ button to only generate the required script to delete the selected records. The message pane will be highlighted as usual once the operation completes, showing the number of affected records.