Advanced configuration

Some of the rarely modified common configuration variables can also be updated inside the files in config folder of MyWebSQL installation. you will require some basic level knowledge of the php programming language if you want to edit the configuration files, or at least knowledge of data types used in computer languages.

Caution: Changing advanced configuration variables can cause security issues or make the application unusable, or may cause data loss if care is not taken while editing the config files. Proceed at your own risk.

Following list shows the name and meaning and possible values for these variables.

Filename Variable Meaning & Possible values
blobs.php $blobTypes Contains list of binary data types and their header signatures. You can add or edit the list if you would like blob column display to be customized
config.php SECURE_LOGIN Enables encryption in login page if MyWebSQL is not hosted on an https url. Enabled by default. To disable, set the value to ‘false’
constants.php EXTERNAL_PATH Defines the external url path for the application. Do not change unless you are having problems in accessing the application from your browser
keys.php $KEY_CODES Contains list of shortcut keys used in the application interface. Change the values if you would like to set your own shortcut keys.
[ALT] key should not be used for shortcuts. It may or may not work depending on your browser and settings.
themes.php $THEMES Contains list of themes that are included with the application. If you edit theme folders/names or add new themes manually, update this variable accordingly os that the changes can be updated on the interface