Repair Tables

Sometimes one or more tables or indexes in the database get corrupted, resulting in problem accessing the table data or erroneous results when queries are performed on the tables. This problem can be fixed easily by using the ‘Repair Tables’ tool.

You can access this tool from the Tools option in the main application menu. When opened, you will be given the choice to select all or one or more tables that you would like to be checked for consistencies. Once you have selected the tables, you can perform one of the following operations on these tables.


This option analyzes the table and shows any errors/optimizations that might be available for the table.


This option checks the table for errors and reports if any errors are found. Does not perform any repair in case of errors.


This option optimizes the table space and removes previously deleted data completely from the table space, while also optimizing indexes for best results.


This option tries to scan and performs repairs on the selected tables. If your query results contain errors you are unable to access a table when querying, this is the recommended option.

When you press the Submit button, the selected tables will be checked and the output of the commands will be shown in table format for each table.
The Status column against each table name displays ‘success’ in case everything is fine, otherwise a note or an error will be displayed in the Message column.

You can refer to the mysql documentation for details of the notes / errors and possible solutions for the problems.