• Fast, intuitive, developer friendly user interfaceFamiliar interface and functionality of a desktop application, with applications menus, right click menus, options and dialogs
  • Compatible with all major web browsers
    Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari supported out of the box
  • Create/Edit table structure without writing queries
    WYSIWYG Table editor allows you to quickly create and alter tables in grid mode.
  • WYSIWYG editing of database tables and query dataGrid based data display for query results and quick editing on the fly
  • Edit and delete multiple records at the same time with ultimate easeJust double click a column in the data set to edit it, and save all edited records at once when done! You can also generate queries instead of directly updating records, which you can edit before you execute
  • Syntax highlighting rich text sql editor inside browser without the need of any plugin
    Switch between multiple query editors and execute queries using hotkeys on all browsers
  • Export complete database / tables / query results to external files
    Export results as plain sql, xml, html or simple text format
  • Use MySQL related tools without learning a single commandUse the Process manager to manage/kill mysql processes easily
  • Sleek interface with multiple themes supportWork with the colors and themes of your choice on your favorite application
  • Easy to deploy and install on almost all major server configurationsUse on any combination of mysql and php servers and operating system
  • Ready to use without any configuration requiredJust download and unpack the archive in any folder on your webserver and you are ready to go!
  • Open source !Download, install and share it with your friend as you like