Customizing the main interface

The main user interface of MyWebSQL can be customized to suit your working style. The object list (left panel), results set and the SQL editors can be re-sized by using the drag handle on the resize bar between the panels. You can also completely hide a panel by right clicking on an empty space inside it, and selecting the option from the context menu to show/hide the header.

You can maximize the results anytime by clicking the ‘Maximize results’ button at the top right of the results panel. Clicking the button temporarily hides all other panels and allow you to view/edit the records easily (specially results containing lots of fields/data). Once you have completed viewing/editing, press the same button again and the interface is restored to the previous state.

You can select any of the theme provided in the package by using the application menu on top of the application.

You can choose to see the application in the language preference of your choice from the application menu.

Your preferences are saved (including theme selection) and restored when you re-open MyWebSQL in the same browser next time.