Creating themes

Themes provided with MyWebSQL are a good starting point for creating new themes. To create a new theme, follow these steps:

  • Create a copy of any theme inside the ‘themes’ folder with a different name of choice, for example ‘my_theme’
  • Edit .css files inside the new theme folder, and search and replace the path to the theme folder with new one
    for example, if you copied default theme to my_theme, then search the text ‘themes/default’ and replace with ‘themes/my_theme’
  • Edit the css files according to your requirements. Change the color codes and other styles to your liking
  • Optionally, edit the images inside the my_theme folder to update with icons and colors of your choice
  • Edit the config/themes.php file in MyWebSQL installation folder, and add your theme name and folder name to the list of themes
  • Reload MyWebSQL in your browser and select your new theme from the Interface menu option

Alternatively, you can also create a fresh theme by using the following steps.

  • Download a theme of your choice from jQuery UI theme roller page
  • Place the theme inside the ‘themes’ folder and rename the original css file to ‘theme.css’
  • Copy remaining files for the theme