Using Keyboard Shortcuts

The application support quick access keyboard shortcuts for common commands. These shortcuts are defined in the file ‘keys.php’ in the config folder. You can edit the file to change the shortcuts at the top of the file to your liking, however, please remember that ALT key is a special key in many browsers and only a few combinations of keys work with ALT. If your defined hotkey uses ALT and is not working, try changing the key or the CTRL/ALT/SHIFT modifier to make it work properly.

Here are the default keyboard shortcuts for the application:

Ctrl + Enter Execute single query
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Execute all (multiple) queries
ALT + 1 Switch focus to first SQL editor
ALT + 2 Switch focus to second SQL editor
ALT + 3 Switch focus to third SQL editor
Shift + Del Set current column value to NULL (while editing records)
Ctrl + Up Arrow Increase SQL editor font size
Ctrl + Down Arrow Decrease SQL editor font size
Ctrl + Shift + Del Clear SQL editor text