Connecting to SQLite databases

To connect to and use SQLite databases, you will need to enable the configuration option in the config file ‘servers.php’. Edit the ‘servers.php’ file in the config folder of MyWebSQL installation, and uncomment the configuration option for SQLite. You will also need to set the folder path correctly where you have saved your SQLite databases.

You can optionally define a userid and password for the connection in the same file, so that a valid user is authenticated before SQLite databases can be managed (However, it is highly recommended that you use a userid and password to avoid anonymous usage of your SQLite databases)

If you want to manage SQLite databases that reside in a different folder, you can simply create a new copy of the existing configuration with a new name, and change the folder path for the new configuration. This way you will be given the option to manage SQLite databases in either one of the defined folders: