Browser related issues and workarounds

This section contains a few glitches with browsers and some workarounds in order to get the maximum out of your MyWebSQL experience. Opera The opera browser has a default security mechanism which makes web applications NOT be able to receive right click and context menus events. Since MyWebSQL utilizes the context menu functionality, the menus […]

Reviewing changes between versions

You can use the following links on the project website to review changes that have taken place in the code and functionality of the application. The changelog describes both functionality updates and code level issues that are resolved in new version. Most of the code related changes are only useful to you if you are […]

Feature Requests and Bug reports

If you would like to submit a feature request of enhancement to MyWebSQL, you are more than welcome to submit it on the sourceforge.net site. If you encounter a bug or a problem while using the application, please do report the same on the sourceforge.net tracker. For your convenience, both links are shown on this […]

Creating themes

Themes provided with MyWebSQL are a good starting point for creating new themes. To create a new theme, follow these steps: Create a copy of any theme inside the ‘themes’ folder with a different name of choice, for example ‘my_theme’ Edit .css files inside the new theme folder, and search and replace the path to […]

Adding/changing sql editors

Starting with version 2.3, MyWebSQL uses configurable sql editors, so that you can add/edit or delete sql editors according to your requirements. The following steps describes how to change the sql editor functionality. The current editor used by MyWebSQL is defined in the ‘config/config.php’ file. Changing the value of the config directive ‘SQL_EDITORTYPE’ sets the […]